We am excited to offer this workshop/consultation online as we are extremely passionate about preparing couples for a conscious conception; wherever they are in the world. If you are in Singapore then we will hold workshops there about four times a year. Please see our Optimal Reproductive Health facebook page for more details. Our next workshop will be Friday April 24, 2020.

This 2.5 hour workshop is about planting seeds and creating a well-rounded approach to fertility. Just as we plan a wedding it is important to plan and prepare for conception. We are passionate about creating change in the mainstream approach to fertility and birth and that really needs to start before we get pregnant.

When I say plant seeds, I mean ideas to nurture and grow and think about. We need more communication, more connection that ultimately leads to conception. We will cover and explore the following common sense and important topics that don’t get talked about much…

  1. How to see this time a gift, an opportunity to pause, breathe and gain a new perspective
  2. What does the word “Fertility” mean to you?
  3. Your health comes first, then your relationship, the baby is a Bonus
  4. “Fertile soil, healthy seeds”
  5.  Reproduction is an optional function – if we are stressed we won’t reproduce, or give birth
  6. We were taught how not to get pregnant – Not how to get pregnant
  7. Spirit Babies
  8. Act pregnant now to get pregnant later – what would you do differently if you were pregnant now?
  9. How The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®/ Chinese medicine/Yin Yoga are the perfect combination to support you both on this journey to parenthood
  10. A healthy cycle is the first step to pregnancy
  11. Talking Tadpoles and the future of the human race, sperm–how can we affect sperm count, motility and mobility
  12. How to have a well- rounded approach and creating your support team

I promise you will leave with a new perspective about fertility and your health.

Attendees will receive a handbook and resources to continue exploring the ideas we cover in this workshop. Our idea is to keep the workshops small as well, so that we are building community between attendees and as practitioners through our quarterly round tables to discuss natural fertility in Singapore and beyond.