Couples Conscious Private Getaways for Couples

It is important to be proactive in your path to starting a family. We plan a wedding, train for a marathon or to climb Mt. Everest; why shouldn’t we invest as much time and energy planning for a healthy natural conception. Because ultimately a baby is the most important creation of our lives.

I am very passionate about educating couples to understand that ferility and birth have been overmedicalized, which I find encredibly concerning. We need to go back to basics. We need to educate ourselves about our bodies because sadly few of us received much in that area of our life. We need to realize that a lot of what we have been led to beleive is just plain wrong and that is putting it nicely. Coming to these realizations can be a bit cofronting and take some time to digest.

We have designed this getaway/retreat to allow you and your partner to reconnect with nature and gain a new perspective on this life-changing journey.

We are extremely passionate about educating couples on their path to parenthood. After working with countless couples over the years, we have come to the conclusion that we desperately need a new approach to conception and birth. In fact we need a revolution/rparadigm shift as the future of the human race depends on it. We feel that stepping away from our normal day to day life creates the environment and opportunity for a gaining a new perspective.

How we are conceived is important and how we are born affects our entire lives in ways that very few people really understand. Because of this, conception needs to start with a healthy foundation; hence our workshop Foundation for Fertility.

This getaway will include a treatment in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy  for both partners and the Foundation for Fertility Workshop. We will spend about four hours a day together and then you will have time to relax and explore the island.

We invite you to join us in this beautiful paradise to call in your spirit baby.

These are privately designed getaways, so contact me directly to learn more at or