“I went to see Lisa and she was more than okay that I bring along my husband. She explained well the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal therapy and went through the intake forms. I learned a lot of important things from this session: what to watch out during menses, position of uterus and its effects, which for me are even more insightful than the massage itself, and also, how I can best prepare my body for pregnancy. Although the session was more for me, she made sure my husband wasn’t left out and highlighted topics which also applied to men.”

“The massage was gentle and yes, it’s really relaxing! It’s aptly called ‘self-care’ because it is really easy to do, which I find empowering. The whole session doesn’t really end with the massage, we had lots of reading to do – she gave us handouts and reading materials (yes, homework!) which I love – more information. We’re so happy we had the chance to meet and be educated by Lisa. I would strongly recommend her to family and friends. She’s really a warm person and very passionate about her work – we do hope she gets to help more people. We look forward to seeing her again.”

“I have been suffering from painful periods, cramping during and after periods with heavy flow since i was in my twenties.  When my periods come, i would double up and take lots of painkillers and stay in bed.  This has affected my social and work life as I am unable to function. I have been diagnosed with Endormetriosis and have had 3 surgeries, this has also led to fertility problems and now the doctors are recommending that I remove my uterus.
I feel so lucky to have found Lisa and the Mayan massage.  On my first session with Lisa, she made me very comfortable, explaining as she massage, her hands are gentle and firm; sharing her knowledge & how to do the daily massage.  Even when she left for Vietnam, she would email me to find out how I was feeling and encouraging me to continue with the daily massages and sharing with me articles to read. After 1 session with her, my period the following month has been less painful and the number of painkillers that i take has reduced.  I would definitely recommend Lisa”

“Last year I had a horrific fall from a ladder and suffered multiple fractures to my pelvis. I spent a month in hospital unable to move, followed by weeks in a wheelchair, then onto crutches. I spent many months rehabilitating and going through physiotherapy. It was during one of these sessions that my physiotherapist was a little heavy handed and aggravated my injury to the point where I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t know who to turn to. Then, like an angel, Lisa turned up out of the blue…back on the Sunshine Coast following one of her many trips overseas studying acupuncture. I knew from previous experience that Lisa could help with just about any problem I had. I did two sessions with Lisa, where she did this amazing massage in my tummy area. This miraculously freed up my traumatized internal organs and I felt considerably better and in much less pain.  Lisa has a ‘gift’ for healing and is a truly beautiful soul.”

“Hi Lisa I don’t know if you remember me I met you at Christmas around 2013 or something like that when you were staying at Bev’s. You totally transformed my life by giving me an abdominal massage and ridding me of a 13 year lower back pain which I had every night while sleeping, or trying to sleep, since my pregnancy and Caesarean. It’s been over three years now and the pain has never returned so on that note alone I can’t thank you enough. Backpain can really spoil your quality of life. “

“I returned to England to live in May 2015 after 17 years in Thailand and have been looking into the Arvigo massage a lot lately as it impressed me so much (and your skills at performing it!). I have been in contact with Louise Crockart who spoke very highly of you and she has been wonderfully helpful. I am attending a self care work shop next weekend with Amanda Porter and Louise has pointed me in the direction of Jing Massage school to attend the course in November which enables me to get my licencewhich is required to do the Level 2 Arvigo which Louise and Amanda are doing in March next year. And then it’s practice practice practice!! I am really excited to embark on this path and I hope one day I am good enough to be able to help someone and improve their quality of life like you did mine. “
Just wanted you to know how your massages change people’s lives in more ways than one! 
Thanks so much Lisa, I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future….. in Thailand .. or maybe somewhere else you never know!!”